With the introduction of the Museum Of African Liberation that is being built in the Warren Park area of Harare, there are calls for western Harare to be marketed and recognised as its own unique tourism corridor in the southern African nation.

The 101ha museum site will be known as the Liberation City, accompanied by an animal park, a recreational park, an amusement park, modern shopping malls, a conference centre ready to host international summits, a five-star hotel, and presidential upmarket villas.

The Museum of African Liberation itself will house material from all African countries that historically waged armed struggles to liberate themselves.

Part of the artefacts to be housed at the museum will be items related to the fight against colonialism, such as the weapons that were used during these wars.

Other attractions of interest to tourists visiting the country include the Mbuya Nehanda Statue at the intersection of Samora Machel Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way, which The Herald argues is an ideal starting point for a fulfilling touristic experience in Harare.

The Harare Exhibition Park – also known as the Harare Showgrounds – just outside the city centre on Samora Machel Avenue, is another site of interest. This is where the Zimbabwe Agricultural show is held in August every year. Concerts, business exhibitions, weddings, and other functions and events are often booked in this venue.

The next stop could be the Longchen Plaza, a sprawling Chinese-themed shopping centre on the same road, followed by the nearby National Sports Stadium.

Linked to the Museum of African Liberation will be the National Heroes’ Acre, where those who contributed to the liberation of Zimbabwe are honoured.

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