Dr. Allan Kijazi, a former Director General of the state-run conservation and tourism agency of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), along with the serving TANAPA Conservation Chief, Mr. William Mwakilema, and the Arusha Region Commissioner, Mr. John Mongella, have been recognized by the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) for their outstanding work in conservation and the tourism industry.

Dr. Kijazi who has been in the field for over three decades, is considered as among the few people in history who deserves sole credit for spearheading sustainable conservation, stimulating the tourism industry, and fostering a good relationship between TANAPA and tour operators.

“This certificate is awarded to Dr. Allan Kijazi in recognition of his outstanding service in conservation and the tourism industry in Tanzania and fostering a good rapport with TATO and its members” reads the award signed by TATO Chairman, Mr. Wilbard Chambulo.

It is understood, a humble but firm Dr. Kijazi spearheaded a raft of measures in a conservation drive that saw the creation of a number of the national parks along with tourism industry growth at the benefit of local communities and the national economy at large. For instance, TANAPA witnessed its national parks increasing to 22, covering almost 99,306.5 square kilometers, up from 16, with only 57,024 square kilometers in 2019.

“Dr. Kijazi is a brainchild of strategic policy that deliberately offers local tour operators a priority to have accommodation facilities within the national parks in his patriotic spirit to empower natives to own the tourism economy,” said Mr. Chambulo.

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