Uganda Wildlife Authority increases the price of Gorilla permits in Uganda

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has announced an increase in the price of gorilla permits that will now cost a flat fee of 600USD in both low and high seasons for all visitors effective immediately.

This price increase will also affect tourists who had already made bookings for the low seasons of April, May and November.

UWA raised the price of Gorilla permits to be able to suitably compete with Rwanda whose gorilla permits had seen an increase from 750USD to 1500USD.

With that in mind, all 2018 Set Departures organized by Great Lakes Safaris will require a 150USD supplement to make up for the increase in price for gorilla permits.


Zimbabwe Recruiting Hosted Buyers for Sanganai World Tourism Expo

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has hired CornerSun Destination Marketing to recruit Hosted Buyers for the upcoming Sanganai 2017, which is Zimbabwe’s premier international B2B expo slotted for September 27-1 October in Bulawayo.

Sanganai/Hlanganani – World Tourism Expo is an annual Tourism Trade Fair organized by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. It showcases the widest variety of Africa’s best tourism products, and attracts international visitors and media from across the world. The Fair is the successor of Shanyai/Vakatshani, the Zimbabwe International Travel Expo (ZITE) that was held annually at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Interested operators and agents should contact David DiGregorio of CornerSun Destination Marketing at dave@cornersun.com to participate. Space is limited.


The Eastern Black Rhino Returns to Rwanda

After a ten-year absence, Eastern black Rhinos have been translocated to the Akagera National park in Rwanda from South Africa. In the last 70’s more than 50 Eastern black rhinos thrived in the Akagera national park but severely declined due to wide spread poaching of the rhinos for their horns that are believed to be medicinal. “The rhino’s return to this country however, is a testament to Rwanda’s extraordinary commitment to conservation and is another milestone in the restoration of Akagera’s natural diversity.” Said African Parks CEO Peter Fearnhead.  With the rhinos back in Rwanda, you can see the Big 5 in the wild i.e. lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and now the African black Rhino!

Great Lakes Safaris is the most established tour operator in Uganda/Rwanda with our own fleet of vehicles, 30 staff and true offices in both Kampala and Kigali. Let us help you plan your client’s trip to East Africa. Contact David DiGregorio at CornerSun Destination Marketing – dave@cornersun.com


Kenya: A picture perfect with an unparalleled wildlife – Vogue

When travelers think of experiencing their first safari, it’s usually South Africa that tops their wish list. But it’s time to consider Kenya, a country known for its picture-perfect savannas loaded with wildlife. In fact, the animal population is so dense in this country that even its capital, the very urban Nairobi, has its own game reserve. Herewith, a primer on two of the country’s most beautiful districts, where communing with elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, and buffalo will be the most normal part of your day.

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Ethiopian Travel Workshop Coming to LA, NY & Toronto in Two Weeks

Ethiopian Tourism Organization is coming to North America and hosting a series of workshops in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. 20 different Ethiopian suppliers will be on hand along with the senior leadership of Ethiopian Tourism Organization to meet with travel agents and tour operators in all three cities. Media briefings will also take place alongside each event.

Los Angeles (March 24th) – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ethiopian-travel-workshop-los-angeles-tickets-31741482629

New York (March 27th) – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ethiopian-travel-workshop-new-york-tickets-31741886838

Toronto (March 30th) – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ethiopian-travel-workshop-toronto-tickets-31741915925

Events are open to all travel agents or tour operators. Media should contact David DiGregorio at dave@cornersun.com for information on the media briefings and interview schedule with ETO’s CEO, Mr. Solomon Tadesse.