Almost silently, one of the most iconic animals in Africa has been slipping away. It is estimated that there are about 110,000 giraffe left, and they have lost 89% of their historical range. Three of the four giraffe species are listed as Endangered.

Join special guest, David O’Connor of the San Diego Zoo, to learn more about the innovative work of the Twiga Walinzi (Giraffe Guards) and conservationists in Loisaba and around northern Kenya, offering hope to the the reticulated giraffe, and the people co-exisitng with them.

David O’Connor serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Researcher in Population Sustainability. David’s research focuses on understand human-wildlife-livestock interactions in an effort to inform and develop conservation programs, primarily in developing nations. He founded and leads our Twiga Walinzi (Giraffe Guards) reticulated giraffe conservation program with pastoralists in northern Kenya. David is also involved in our conservation programs with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, The Nature Conservancy and much more.