Uganda is not only known as the Pearl Of Africa. Uganda’s well-earned reputation of being Africa’s friendliest country originates from the fact that traditionally hospitality and rich culture are the key element to its diverse population of over 30 million people. Uganda has 10 National Parks, 17% of the world’s biodiversity, over 54% of the worlds Mountain Gorillas and 11% of the world’s mammal species. We are also home to Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake with more than 50% of its 68,800 square kilometers in Uganda.

Uganda is also Africa’s most famous bird-watching destination with more than 1,200 species recorded – an astonishing 33% of the world’s birds! Our forests are home to a multitude of primates including the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, Colobus Monkeys and more. Uganda also offers adventure trips away from the gorillas – trekking in the Rwenzoris, whitewater rafting and bungee jumping on the Nile, river safaris, horseback riding and walking safaris.