Beginning in January, guests on board will now enjoy  two night’s accommodation as opposed to one night on board the most lavish train on the planet as they travel between Pretoria & Cape Town (or reverse).

Here are the benefits in an easy to digest recap:

  1. Both guests travelling from Pretoria or Cape Town will now experience a uniform, guaranteed 2 ½ off-the-train excursion in Kimberley.
  2. Guests can land in South Africa on the same day of The Blue Train travel, as The Blue Train will now depart in the evening from Pretoria and late afternoon from Cape Town
  3. Guests can now enjoy day tours either in Pretoria or Cape Town before the train departs, without having to worry about missing these, due to unforeseen train delays.
  4. After a long flight (jet lag) into South Africa, guests do not have to wake up early the next morning in order to take the train.
  5. In 2019, The Blue Train dress code will be smart casual during the day, and formal for dinner (gentlemen are requested to at least wear a jacket or waistcoat / ladies elegant).
  6. Limited delays will be experienced with our new departure and arrival times, as the train will depart during off-peak hours. The Blue Train will now depart and arrive after peak hours of other local trains.
  7. Guests will now enjoy a wide variety of menus to choose from due to the extra meals served.
  8. Guests can now book flights or other forward arrangements on the day of The Blue Train’s arrival in either Pretoria or Cape Town (without the possible anxiety of missing these due to train delays).

Email for schedule and updated itinerary details any time at  INFO@TRUMARKETING.COM