Various countries have updated their travel advisories for Mozambique, advising travellers to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling in Cabo Delgado Province, or ideally, avoid all travel in the area.

The US Embassy issued a security alert for the district headquarters of Palma, situated in Cabo Delgado Province, advising American citizens to consider departing the area immediately, in light of information pointing to the likelihood of imminent attacks on government and commercial centres in the district.

Furthermore, the security alert read: “Those who elect to remain in Palma district are strongly advised to avoid travel to the district headquarters and to postpone visits to both government offices and retail locations, including markets. American citizens with planned travel to Palma district are strongly advised to postpone such travel.”

To access the security alert issued by the US Embassy in Mozambique, click here.

The Government of Canada issued a travel advisory on June 8 for Mozambique, and is still valid on Tuesday (June 12).The  Canadian government advises travelers to avoid all travel in Cabo Delgado Province, and to exercise a high degree of caution when in Mozambique.

To access the Canadian travel advisory, click here.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its travel advisory for Mozambique, advising travellers check local and social media for updates before travelling to the area (Cabo Delgado), and advising those travelling to take extra care.

To access the UK FCO travel advisory, click here.

Owner of Azura Retreats, Stella Bettany says: “We at Azura are closely monitoring the situation through the relevant authorities and our team on the ground in Pemba, and they have indicated there is no cause for concern. All is business as usual in Pemba and our guests are arriving and departing the area trough Pemba International Airport and onward by helicopter to our Island as normal. Pemba is a major city – the outbreaks referred to have been much further north in isolated villages in Palma. The local authorities are taking this very seriously and dealing with them appropriately. The US article is very specific in referring to Palma district only. Palma is close to the Tanzanian border some 365km north of Pemba. We do not have any concerns for guests and travelling through Pemba to our Island at this time.”