Travelling with a purpose can do so much more than just broaden your experience, it can liberate your understanding of the world.

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We live in an era where the freedom for women to travel solo is being compromised because of safety. It is daunting enough considering travelling to a foreign country where English might not be spoken and cultures are vastly different. To have to worry about ones’ safety should not be added to the list of considerations, but unfortunately, it is. As a parent or female solo traveller, you want the peace of mind that security is not an issue.

About the female solo traveller

Let’s talk a moment about the typical female solo traveller and smash some fallacies. Women who like travelling solo does not mean she is lonely, nor is she necessarily trying to find herself or romance with Fabio from the romance novel. Many women travel solo because they want adventure, experience and do it just because they CAN! Women who travel solo are wise, independent and brave. They do not need to be handled like porcelain glass, they are quite resilient and can handle themselves like warriors.

Meet Kate Ochsman from America, a frequent solo traveller on the Professional Field Guide course with EcoTraining.

Travel with a purpose

Travelling with a purpose can do so much more than just broaden your experience, it can liberate your understanding of the world. Exchange your typical holiday with a travel opportunity that truly adds value to your life and that also allows you to be environmentally conscious. Always opt for tours that promote responsible tourism practices such as observing animals in their natural environment in the wild rather than animal petting in confined and unnatural settings. Advocate for holidays that will leave a long-lasting impression rather than a fleeting moment.

Solo travel ideas

EcoTraining was included in the ‘20 of the best group trips for solo travellers’ by the Guardian UK. EcoTraining offers a variety of nature programmes ranging from 5 days to 7 and 14 days that is suitable and safe for women travelling alone. These experiences take purposeful nature holidays to the next level in that, you live fully immersed in nature at unfenced wilderness camps for the duration of the course. Each day is packed with learning, game drives, nature walks and wildlife encounters, perfect for reconnecting with the natural world.

Meet Elizabeth Brown (Liz) from America, a frequent solo traveller on the Professional Field Guide course with EcoTraining.

EcoTraining’s nature courses comprise of small groups not exceeding 20 people at a time on each course. This means that you will have plenty of time getting to know other like-minded nature lovers in your group. Although the course is for both men and women, accommodation is shared two per tent of the same gender unless otherwise booked as a couple beforehand.

Take a look at some of these courses for your next solo adventure!

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 7 or 14 days

The EcoQuest course is designed to provide participants with an ecological learning experience. Participants learn about the infinite variety of living organisms that exist in nature and the underlying elements that support this variety of life such as geology, soils and climate to mention a few. This programme is perfect for those who want to be more than just spectators of nature but want to truly learn about the importance of nature and its processes.

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6 days

This purist wilderness experience is about traversing across some of the finest and most remote wilderness regions of southern Africa on foot.  The course may challenge some personal boundaries as participants sleep in the open wilderness under the stars, track and stalk game, and travel light with minimal supplies. It is more about the depth of experience than the distance as you learn to make a fire, find water from natural sources and leave a light footprint behind you. This unique course provides a perfect platform for aspirant or qualified guides or nature lovers, to discover and reconnect with meaningful wilderness encounters. This immersive nature experience can be an inspiring cornerstone in the lives and careers of all those with a passion for nature and its inhabitants, developing a lifelong culture of conservation.

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 7 or 14 days

A vast amount of information can be gathered about mammals, birds and reptiles without ever having seen them. Every animal leaves some indication of its presence or passing whereby it can be recognised. Participants are taught how to ‘reconstruct’ the scene and understand what could have, would have, and should have happened. Through the ancient art of tracking, participants will connect with iconic places and creatures of Africa on foot. This course will engross participants in all aspects of traditional tracking skills – track and sign identification, animal trailing and hunter-gatherer techniques.

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 6 days

Taking great photographs of nature requires creativity and technical skills, but also the knowledge and understanding of one’s subject matter. The wilderness photography course teaches participants about the equipment needed to become a versatile wilderness photographer. Participants also learn about the various elements that combine to make good wilderness photographic compositions. This course will give photographers and aspiring photographers alike the time and opportunity to put these learnings into action in the field under the guidance of an experienced wilderness photographer.

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 7 days

This course enables birding enthusiasts to identify a great variety of species of birds by sight and sound and to also learn about their biology and ecology. Birding as a hobby has risen tremendously in the last decade and these days, nature enthusiasts want to do more than simply spot large game. Participants don’t have to be a ‘twitcher’ to attend. The course caters for those who wish to learn about the basics of bird identification or improve their existing identification skills.

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 5, 7 or 14 days

This course is based on the same foundation as the South African and Botswana EcoQuest course except it includes fascinating dynamics occurring in the wilderness areas of the Masai Mara in Kenya. Whilst absorbing all there is to know about nature on game drives and nature walks, participants also learn about the three-way relationship that exists between the local communities, wildlife and conservation efforts. This course is a great fit for wildlife enthusiasts wanting to gain a greater knowledgeable understanding of nature while experiencing East Africa’s wildlife. The Masai Mara EcoQuest course fits perfectly with wildebeest migration and other Kenya travel plans.

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