BOTSWANA – May 8, 2019 – Bushman Plains camp is expecting… wild dog pups that is!  In its latest wildlife report, the camp announced in mid-April that the alpha female of the Ash Pack was looking heavily pregnant, and Bushman Plains guides expect she will be denning soon not far from the camp. Just a few days ago, guides were thrilled to discover within less than 24 hours that both the Golden Pack and the Five Pack also have pregnant females, about a month behind the Ash Pack. This means all three packs will soon be denning near the camp, and if nature cooperates Bushman Plains guests will have the opportunity to see packs with pups of different ages this season.

The Ash Pack is one of three frequently seen packs, currently with six members but hopefully growing shortly.  The Golden Pack of ten wild dogs has been spotted frequently this quarter as well. And in April, the Bushman Plains guides began seeing the third pack, The Five Pack, made up of five dogs that split off from the previously larger Golden Pack. With all three packs pregnant, the guides are eagerly waiting to see how these packs develop as the camp has been the epicenter where all three packs overlap in range.

Wild dogs continuously thrill guests at Bushman Plains and even surprise the guides! In April they managed to prey on a buffalo calf from the area’s resident mega-herd, and earlier this winter, the Golden Pack engaged in an edge-of-your-seat successful wart hog hunt (Note: tune out at 2 minutes 20 seconds if you do not wish to hear or see the final result of the hunt).

Bushman Plains is the only safari camp in the Okavango Delta that is majority owned and operated by native people, specifically the Bushman.  DNA studies say these nomadic hunter-gatherers are the First People, the ancestors of all humanity.  The Bushman owners come from the last generation born in the bush to hunter-gatherer parents, becoming the first generation to be settled to a village and receive formal education.  They went on to be safari guides, and now the only local people owning a safari camp – which is located within their heritage lands.

The small, authentic camp is located in the magical Okavango Delta, teeming with wildlife year-round, and is blessed by permanent water channels so guests enjoy a mix of land and water-based safari activities. These high-quality wildlife experiences are made richer by the best opportunity for cultural engagement within the Okavango. The guides, trackers and staff are all keen to share their traditions with guests on activities and in camp. Whether guests are helping to track lions on a game drive, learning about medicinal plans on a bush walk, or enjoying songs around the campfire, they’ll learn the way of the Bushman–and come away with one-of-a-kind safari memories.

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