Located on the banks of the Mara river, the center is nestled between communities and the wildlife conservancies. The New “Eco Camp” sleeps 12 PAX and will be used primarily for custom study abroad and summer school groups as well as for conservation volunteer participants. The new Eco Camp will also be the base for all Guide training courses run by EcoTraining.

The Mara Training camp evolved from informal community meetings under an acacia tree within the Enonkishu Conservancy to what it has become today.

Clients on course with EcoTraining will traverse not one, not two but three different conservancies encompassing over 16,000 hectares of the spectacular Mara ecosystem, providing access to a diverse range of biomes and elements that make this a truly sought-after experience.

This truly immersive ‘live-in’ experience will allow participants to connect with the natural environment and develop their situational awareness which is an important part of becoming a Ranger.

More photos of the new property can be found here.