Seychelles has gone live with Travizory technology to facilitate the collection and analysis of traveller documentation to ensure the reopening of borders takes place safely.

The new technology allows authorities to collect and identify health information directly from the traveller via easy-to-use web and mobile apps. The information is fed securely into a single system, providing advance information about all travellers wishing to travel to the Seychelles. The system gives authorities the capability to run rapid and efficient vetting procedures to minimise COVID-19 and other security risks.

Dr. Jude Gedeon, Seychelles’ Public Health Commissioner, said: “Keeping our citizens safe from the pandemic is our number-one responsibility. However, we need to enable international travel to let in key workers and specialists, and to allow tourism to restart, for our citizens to work again. With our current email and multiple forms, doctors and airport staff were struggling to keep pace with the number of arrivals. We have now given them a tool to focus their attention where it is most needed.”

The new visitor management platform allows airlines to verify the validity of the traveller authorisation prior to boarding and to submit Advance Passenger Information (API data) by electronic means to the Seychelles. The platform will also be able to store COVID-19 vaccination certificates in the future when a vaccination is released.

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