Wild Shots Outreach at Babanango Game Reserve in South Africa engages young people from nearby disadvantaged communities in wildlife conservation through the camera lens. The program teaches new skills and helps inspire the conservationists of tomorrow through photography and wildlife education.

As well as nurturing an appreciation of wildlife and developing life skills in course participants, Wild Shots Outreach aims to promote artistic skills and deepen knowledge and understanding of the environment, conservation and wildlife tourism.

Each course consists of five workshop sessions culminating in a game drive. The program prioritizes high school students aged 15 to 17 and the young unemployed. Groups comprise eight students working with donated DLSR cameras. The course runs over a few days at a school or community center, or over a weekend at Babanango.

Each workshop is followed by a discussion session for the students to review their work. The course concludes with a presentation and student feedback. Students are presented with certificates and prints of their photographs. Each school or group receives a camera so that students can continue to use and improve their new skills.