Tintswalo LogoDear Trade Partners,

In South Africa, we are geographically very far removed from the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Tintswalo Lodges has recently experienced a number of requests for clarity on cancellation terms in the unlikely event of an Ebola outbreak in the areas where we operate our lodges and hotels. To increase confidence for our travelers and trade partners, we have amended our cancellation policy for travel to Tintswalo Safari & Manor House, Tintswalo Atlantic and Tintswalo at Waterfall, should an epicdemic outbreak be declared in South Africa. This policy will apply to both new and existing bookings and guarantees that all cancellation penalties relating to our properties will be waived up to the day prior to arrival:

1. Guests who have secured Comprehensive Travel Insurance are required to first claim from their Insurer. Once they have obtained the appropriate documentation and proof from the Insurer about the outcome of the claim, Tintswalo will pay the difference between what the travel insurance company has paid to the guest( direct)/agent (operator) and the price paid to Tintswalo. Alternatively, should they wish, the guest can choose for us to hold this amount for a future trip with Tintswalo. The guests can choose to take this trip at any point in the future.


2. Guests who have not secured Comprehensive Travel Insurance will receive a credit to the value they have paid for the Tintswalo accommodation/services and will be able to use this credit for future travel, which would need to be concluded within a year of the postponed trip.

The following conditions would need to be met in order for these revised Cancellation Terms and Conditions to supersede Tintswalo’s current Terms and Conditions:

There should be a confirmed outbreak of Ebola, as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), in the South Africa where the Tintswalo lodges are situated


The WHO and at least one of the G5 countries (France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America) must issue a Level 3 Travel Advisory (advising against all but essential travel) for travel to the South Africa, on grounds of Ebola.

Guests electing to not travel without the above conditions being met should ensure they have the appropriate Insurance Cover, with the optional upgrade in place, allowing the cancellation of travel for any reason.

Thank you for your cooperation!