The government of Zanzibar (which includes the main island of Unguja and the smaller island of Pemba) has announced plans to implement new taxes from 1st July 2015.

 Plans call for new bed night tax and additional airport/seaport taxes


The tax calls for a $1.00 per person per night “Infrastructure Tax”, to be collected from the guests directly by the hotels on arrival.


There are also calls to add a $1.00 per person departure tax (in addition to the existing taxes) for all travellers departing from airports and seaports. They will be required to pay this directly upon departure at the airport or seaport.


Furthermore, the proposal aims to increase the current airport safety fee from $8 to $9. People who have already been ticketed, would be required to pay this additional dollar on departure.

Zanzibar’s hotel and tourism organizations are engaged in negotiations with the government in an effort to postpone or reverse the implementation.

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