Zara Tours is proud to announce the opening of a USA subsidiary which joins their Canada and Tanzania offices. The ZTA office is located in Golden Colorado. With a Mountain Time Zone, we are able to answer questions and get back to you with details and pricing immediately.

Zara Tours Adventures also means that Zara is expanding adventure beyond Tanzania to throughout Africa and around the world. With 30 years of experience and relationships, Zara Tours Adventures will offer Tanzania products, while partnering with similar local, family owned, exceptional tour operators, to deliver value adventure products to Zara customers and travel agents.

Please look for our upcoming announcements including South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Peru. Zara Tours Adventures’ main focus is to support Travel Agents, with an on-line shopping cart, commissions, net-rates, and backup support to help Agents sell to individuals and groups.

Zara Tours Adventures (ZTA) is the US subsidiary for Zara Tours and is located in the American Mountaineering Center in Golden Colorado. Visit ZTA’s on-line shopping cart to book direct with the Tour Operator, Zara Tours. You save money and time, while feeling secure with USA-based experts. ZTA also offers soft adventure at other destinations.