This lion encounter on EcoTraining’s Selati Game Reserve ( is a good example of lion behavior when they are approached on foot. It starts off with a growl, and shortly thereafter, a mock charge. They give a big display/show of aggression. The right behavior at this point is to back off slowly. Watch Steve Baillie’s video taken on Selati Game Reserve whilst traveling with EcoTraining at:
The Selati Game Reserve is a large reserve, with diverse topography and biodiversity. In the east there are large granite hills, where Verreaux’s eagles and klipspringers can be found. The reserve is bisected by the Selati River, which dries up into large rocky pools of water in winter. There is a lot of space to conduct walks and get a true sense of wilderness. Special species occurring here include sable antelope and eland. We are also able to visit the sable breeding program run by the management of the reserve. The camp consists of 10 simple dome tents, each with two mattresses and single pillows (two learners per tent). There are shared bathroom facilities and a central communal area overlooking the Selati River.