Tanzania has ranked fourth in natural beauty and entered the group of 10 countries listed for natural beauty in the world.

According to the World Report on Natural Beauty (Natural Beauty Report) produced by the UK website Money.co.uk which collected statistics and information from travelers has listed Tanzania holds the position by scoring 6.98 points out of ten.

Factors that made Tanzania rank fourth include having beautiful natural landscapes including famous volcanoes like Kilimanjaro which is Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Meru and Oldoinyo Lengai, and many natural forests.

Also, the area of Ngorongoro Crete is very rich in nature, the Serengeti National Park with the world’s largest and best-industrialized wildlife, a variety of birds and plants are the reason that enable Tanzania in the top ten in the world.

Another reason is the presence of 3,580 square kilometers of Matumbawe rock and the presence of 307,873 square kilometers of preserved land.

In the competition, Indonesia has been crowned the first place with 7.77 points, followed by New Zealand 7.27, Colombia 7.16, Tanzania 6.98, Mexico 6.96, Kenya secures 6th place with 6.7 points. Another country is India 7th, France 8th, Papua New Guinea 9th while Comoro 10th.

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania https://www.instagram.com/p/CaFNH35gw9X/?utm_medium=copy_link