With a new month, comes more exciting news from Index Select out of East Africa! It is with great pride and joy that Index Select welcomes a true pioneer in great ape ecotourism, Volcanoes Safaris. Made up of 4 luxury lodges in Uganda and Rwanda, these luxury lodges offer unparalleled accommodation and experiences in the Great Lakes, celebrating not only nature but also the people of the region.

Founded by Praveen Moman in 1997, Volcanoes Safaris has been at the forefront of reviving gorilla tourism in Uganda and Rwanda. Under Praveen’s guiding vision, Volcanoes has designed and built four unique lodges near Uganda’s and Rwanda’s great ape parks – Virunga, Mount Gahinga, Bwindi, and Kyambura. Each was developed with the vision to be sensitive to local culture and aesthetics, connect to local communities and conservation of great ape species, and use resources responsibly.

Join Index Select for a Volcanoes Safaris introductory webinar going over the inner workings of the company, from its humble beginnings in Uganda to becoming the world leader in gorilla and chimpanzee ecotourism. Volcanoes Safaris Webinar: Tuesday, August 9th @ 10:00am EST REGISTER HERE