A Kenyan wildlife conservancy organization announced on Monday that it has opened a new corridor, which will enable wildlife species to cross a main government road safely, without causing risks to local communities.

The organization, Ol Jogi Ranch, which comprises a total size of 58,000 acres is located in northwestern Kenya’s Laikipia County, 225km out of the capital Nairobi. It is home to black and white rhinos, elephants, big cats, wild dogs, Grevy’s zebras and many species of antelope.

A statement from Ol Jogi explained that the new corridor aims to reduce human-wildlife conflict and to give wildlife species easier access to the greater Laikipia ecosystem, adding that the Ol Jogi wildlife team is still monitoring wildlife movements to evaluate the usage and effectiveness of the corridor and that  early signs indicate it will be a huge success.  According to the organization, the growing wildlife population and the expansion of human settlement aggravate human-wildlife conflicts in Laikipia County.  “Expanding human activity poses a major challenge for wildlife, especially migratory species such as elephants. As more of their ancient migration routes become severed, their conflict with human beings is on the rise,” Ol Jogi said.  On the other hand, the organization added, “Farmers risk losing their entire season’s income if elephants break into their crop fields, and rural children frequently bump into dangerous animals on their way to school.”

Ol Jogi reports that it has been experimenting with innovative and strategic solutions to mitigate conflicts that may arise from wildlife crossing farmlands and government roads. One of the solutions is to build strategic cattle grids, which stop wildlife wandering up and down the main road and encourage them to cross straight from one side to the other. Another innovative design is to set up short stone walls, which prevent endangered rhinos from passing through, as rhinos possess a unique psychological trait that makes low stone walls look impassable.  In 2011, Ol Jogi opened two corridors in the Pyramid Fence, allowing wildlife to migrate in and out for the first time since 1980.

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