After months of anticipation, APTA’s brand new “Explore Africa” webinar series has finally kicked off and has been heralded an international success story with praise pouring in from sea to shining sea and from across the far reaches of the Serengeti, Maasai Mara and impenetrable forests of Uganda. Has there ever been a more celebrated, productive or successful webinar series in the history of promoting Africa? There’s no way to know for sure, so we are confident to say this is it.

“Explore Africa” isn’t about product education. It’s about providing a real-world overview of what is happening in key African destinations right now delivered by professionals that don’t just sell the destination, but live there themselves. The first edition of the series took place Tuesday 27 July and featured on-the-ground reporting, health and safety and COVID-19 updates from Abbas Takim of Takims Holidays in Tanzania, Kathleen Leonard of Cheli & Peacock Safaris in Kenya and both Adele Cutler and Amos Wekesa of Great Lakes Safaris in Uganda. APTA’s own Jessie Tate acted as moderator in what she has called “The greatest African webinar of all time”.

If you missed the webinar, you are out of luck. That is of course unless you are an APTA member. In which case, the recording is viewable right now in APTA’s members only webinar library. And if you are an APTA Corporate Member and wish to submit your own webinar, you can do so by  logging into your APTA profile. Simply click “Add a Webinar” on your Dashboard and fill out all required fields. We have created a “how to” video that you can view here. There is no limit to how many webinars that you can upload but please keep in mind that they must be educational.

Individual members, you can view all webinars available by logging into APTA and selecting webinar library from your dashboard.  We encourage you to visit our webinar library as often as possible in order to increase your knowledge of Africa and stay engaged with your APTA community.

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