ENVI Lodges, the luxury ecolodge brand and management company, will make its Africa debut with the management of ENVI Paje, a beachfront ecolodge in Zanzibar, scheduled to open in December next year.

The lodge will feature 25 low-impact villas, some with private pools, set among palm trees along the shores of a pristine beach. Its central hub will host a main restaurant, lounge, communal deck, and infinity pool.

ENVI’s inaugural African venture marks a significant milestone for the company, with Zanzibar gaining prominence in global tourism due to its unique blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty.

“Entering the African continent signifies a crucial milestone for ENVI Lodges, so we want to get this right,” said ENVI Co-founder Chris Nader. “We want to offer our guests a very intimate and laid-back experience, focusing on wellbeing, slow food and fitness. We want to respect the environment on which this lodge will be developed and are working closely with the various stakeholders to minimise our footprint on the land, to preserve the majestic palm trees, and to protect the white sandy beach for which Paje is known.”

ENVI Paje’s eco-conscious approach prioritises renewable energy sources and the use of locally sourced materials in its construction. The onsite chef’s garden ensures farm-to-table dining, enhancing the lodge’s sustainability.

The ecolodge will offer a wide range of activities, from beachfront yoga and bespoke wellness treatments to adventurous water sports like kite surfing.

Riad Welly, the project’s investor and a passionate advocate for Zanzibar, said: “This partnership with ENVI Lodges perfectly aligns with my vision to redefine luxury hospitality through sustainability and wellness. I fell in love with this plot of land in Paje, so I decided to develop a lodge that I hope will inspire others to build resorts with a more conscious approach.”

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